Our Live…

The things we all regret are among the most important things that ever happen to us.

They are “exactly” what we need to become who “WE” specifically were meant to become.

For us to get past these regrets does not “require” anyone else’s forgiveness.

Others forgiving us, is usually not just to help “US” feel better.

What is required to remove the “illusion” of guilt is an understanding of what really happened.

Whether we are talking about your kids, your parents, a friend, a lover, or even ex-friends and ex-lovers, they all agreed to help you with this.

On the level where we all currently live, we cannot possible understand, or remember all of our divine decisions, but we have all made them to help others, and others have made them to help us because, believe it or not, we all really love each other.

So this guilt you’re feeling is over something that everyone involved agreed to do to help you.

As hard as it may be at times, be thankful for everything, and everyone.

Thank You……… ^_^

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